Potenza | Casa BCC Basilicata | 12 novembre 2022

“Introduction to an interdisciplinary approach of composition”

Pierre Jodlowsky is one of the most esteemed composers and intermedia artists on the international scene. An electroacoustic composer and artistic director of MEN (Wrocław), he teaches composition at IRCAM (Cursus). Additionally, he works as a set designer on various projects at the intersection of theater, installation, concert, or oratorio.

His music, often characterized by a high density, is at the crossroads of acoustic and electric sound, marked by a dramatic and political undertone. His work as a composer has led him to perform in France and abroad in most venues dedicated to contemporary music and across various artistic fields such as dance, theater, visual arts, and electronic music. Today, his work spans multiple sectors, including films, interactive installations, and stage productions. He defines his music as an "active process" on a physical level (musical gestures, energy, and space) and on a psychological level (relationship with memory and the visual dimension of sound). In addition to his compositions, he also performs on various stages (experimental, jazz, electronic), either as a soloist or with other artists.

In collaboration with ALEKSANDER WNUK (percussionist), he presented the performance MAD MAX Commissioned by the Aujourd’hui Musiques Festival, Mad Max was developed within the framework of the Gekipe Project by Flashback Ensemble (a specific device composed of sensors and infrared cameras that analyze gestures) for percussionist Philippe Spiesser. The performance is based on the famous character, a wild and completely out-of-control motorcyclist from Hollywood Studios. In the first part, he appears on his all-powerful bike (which is virtual here, through sensors) and plunges the audience into his megalomania. The second part reveals a seductive Mad Max (trying his luck with a bass drum). Finally, the last part features an improbable dialogue between a virtuoso musician and another cinema legend: Darth Vader. The uninterrupted breathing of this character serves as the backdrop for a lightning-fast vibraphone solo, the final showdown of this musical fable.