Disordinata Storia dell’ Elettronica vol.1 | Auditorium C.G. Da Venosa  | 2022
Disordinata Storia dell’ Elettronica  vol.2 | Cineteatro Don Bosco | 2023

Is it possible today to compose new music? Can new musical instruments be invented or sounds created from scratch? And can technology assist us in these challenges? These are some of the questions that pioneers of electronic music have asked themselves. What we mean by electronic music? How should it be listened to? Is it meant for dancing or not? Is it music or noise? And why should I sit in a room, maybe in the dark, and listen to strange sounds emanating from one or more speakers?

These are the questions explored together with Luca Iavarone (journalist and creative) and Alberto Gatti (composer) in “Disordinata storia dell’elettronica” ("An Unordered History of Electronics"), a series of meetings aimed at presenting electronic music from a different perspective, without techni- calities and complex philosophies. In the second meeting was focused on G.Ligeti.