We’re thrilled to announce the selected works for Category [A] – Acousmatic~ and Category [C] – Audiovisuals~
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the CRM – Centro Ricerche Musicali of Rome for their special collaboration. As a result, this official selection will be performed at the Goethe Istitut Rom during the ArteScienza Festival from 6th to 14th of July.
News soon at https://www.artescienza.info/it/


Juuso Kontiola [Fun & Games]
Pablo Geeraert [OFF]
Hakki Cengiz Eren [KS Sarmalı]
Manfredi Clemente [Hajime yori kotoba shirazariki]
Alfredo Cerrito [Parivartan]
Giada Turini [NO!]
Nikos Stavropoulos [Khemenu]
Mario Mary [Pedro en su Laberinto]
Alberto Gatti [Dal Tocco]
Roeland Luyten [Gritscape]
Zurine F. Gerenabarrena [Lyse]
Dominic Walther-Battista [Climax Room]
João Pedro Oliveira [La Mer Émeraude]
Hans Tutschku [Provenance-émergence]
Ian Whillock [Directionality]
David Berezan [Smudge]
Mariana Vieira [The Unexpected Encounter with Diversity]
Penelope Bekiari [Andromeda]
Paul Oehlers [Pterois]
Andrew Lewis [Two Lakes]
Cameron Naylor [Foxglove]
Gaëtan Arhuero [Funambule]
Simone Longo [Est_Ovest]
Riccardo Tesorini [HyperReal]


Shihua Ma [Hyper Construction]
Edmar Soria [Homemorphism Phi(0)]
Tasos Asonitis [Exhibits]
Rebeca Žukovits [UPĖ]
Fred Szymanski [TOR]
Rossella Calella [Lightbending]
Amanda Stuart [Oceana]
David Bird [What Glows is Fuchsia]
Nicola Fumo Frattegiani [Luar]
Antonio Forastiero [Layer]
Beth Walker [Beneath]

This year a collaboration with the CRM (Centro di Ricerche Musicali) of Rome plan a special scheduling of the ACOUSMATIC and AUDIOVISUAL selected works, during the “Artescienza 2023” festival, as specified in the call for works. – winners will be scheduled during the MA/IN festival also – Sept/Nov 2023