We are excited to announce the works selected for Category A (Acousmatic~) and Category C (Audiovisual~). These selected works will be scheduled at our partner festival, ArteScienza 2024, in Rome, hosted at the Goethe|Institut – July 4th to 14th.

News soon at https://www.artescienza.info/it/

From these selected works, the jury will determine the category winners and any honorable mentions. Additionally, our other partner, Tempo Reale in Florence, may choose some works from this list to be programmed for their festival during the autumn|winter season of 2024.


Adam James Stanovic | To Us.S..S…
Alejandro Albornoz Rojas | Todo Lo Sólido Se Desvanece En El Aire
Alex Buck | Otherness
Arnau Gran Romero | Songs To Be Burnt N°1
Tan Liuyang | Summer Seen
Bruno Belardi | Scoop Out
Louisa Palmi Danielsson | Abeyance
Pablo Geeraert | Ama Lga
Alexis Blais | Animal_Farm
Damian Gorandi | Is Coming
Diego Ratto | Memoria
Dimitris Savva | Tranglitchuilizer_Sabe_28523
Federico Inzerillo | Grid Grips
Fernando Hester | Zooming
Filippo Mereu | Dimenticati
Francesco Interlandi | Soliloquia
Gabriel Araújo | Saw
Jakob Gille | La Porta Nel Dado
João Castro Pinto | Circumsphere: To Bounce And Rebounce
Kramer Elwell | Own.K
Leonardo Cicala | Macropsia
Matteo Tundo | Genesi Astratta
Otto Iivari | Diagonals
Saadi Daftari | Unhomed
Simone Sims Longo | Franti
Tin Yan Lam | New Ec0|Existence
Yu Chung Tseng | Cymorphosis


Abinadi Meza | Aka 赤
Bowen Wu | Mixobloodify
Carlo Siega | Surfaces & Textures #2.1_Earthy
Cem Güven + Erman-Germán Akgül Garcimartín | Flurry Flare
Charlie Tweed | Umwelt/4470 – Part I
Crea K//Lab | Chamber Of Visions
Daniel Swilley | Slipgrid
Federica Foglia | Negative / Positive Film
Gordon Delap | Ora Obscura
Joao Pedro Oliveira | Storms
Josh Weissbach | For All Audiences
Telemach Wiesinger + Alexander Grebtschenko | Turbulence
Timothy Moyers | Golden Cuttlefish
Timothy Moyers | Strahlung
Tommaso Marzini Della Ragione + Giacomo Nannetti | Unfortunate Event
Valentin Sismann | Self-Portrait

Each year, in collaboration with the CRM (Centro di Ricerche Musicali) of Rome, the scheduling of selected ACOUSMATIC and AUDIOVISUAL works is planned for the “ArteScienza” festival, as specified in the call for works. Winners will also be featured at the MA/IN festival in September/November 2023.

A selection of these works might also be scheduled by the Tempo Reale festival in Florence, a partner of the MA/IN festival.